Pink Lady Detox

Pink Lady Detox

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Pink Lady Detox Tea 
Amazing daily detox tea for general cleansing: removal of heat & toxins. This tea works magic rejuvenating the skin, hair, nails & restoring optimal health inside the body. Our caffeine free 7-flower tea is superior in eliminating toxic waste in the body and restoring the body with powerful antioxidants!

 Benefits of this tea

  • Purifies the blood
  • Strengthens the lymphatic system
  • Rejuvenates the skin, hair, nails
  • A natural diuretic which detoxifies the liver and kidneys


Tea Ingredients:

Rose, Roselle, Hawthrorne Berry, Burdock, Kangsin Flower, Stevia & Honeysuckle

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You must steep entire contents of the bag in order to obtain complete health benefits!
1st steep: 2-3 min
2nd steep: 4-5 min
3rd steep: 6-7 min
4th steep: 8-10 min