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     Natural flowers like chamomile help to sooth and relax your body, as well as support the liver; which aid in treating headaches. Further, our chosen ingredients are said to have a positive effect on the immune system, opposing those chemical based substitutes. 

Benefits of this tea:

-natural headache reliever
-opens blood vessels in brain, releasing intense pain from stress or poor diet
-improves brain function (alert/awareness)
-stress reducer (great for studying)
-treats menstrual cramp (does not apply to male hormones)
-analgesic (natural pain relief)
-promotes fat burning
-strengthens immune system
-allieviates travel/motion sickness

-migraine reliever
-compounds aid to ease pain from headaches
-mild sedative to help sleep
-relieves anxiety
-reduces inflammation/muscle spasms
-natural relaxant

-eases mind by calming the nervous system
-calming effects help promote sleep when consumed before bed
-reduces stress/anxiety by balancing hormones
-rich in vitamins (a, e, c) & polyphenols
-skin revitalizer
-prevents chronic diseases
-reduces signs of aging
-helps relief urinary tract infections (UTI)
-anti-inflammatory for arthritis
-helps relief constipation, which results in the removal of toxic waste!

-soothing aroma alleviates stress hormones
-reduce exhaustion in nervous system
-relief headache from stress & anxiety
-promotes a good rest
-improves mood
-reduces ingestion & irritability 

Pui Tee (Lime Flowers)
-anxiety reliever
-effective natural antidepressant-relieves nervous system (nervousness/anxiousness)
-lowers arterial tension & insomnia
-elimination of stress and spasms (chronic fatigue)
-calming down hyperactivity
-calms vomiting /nausea

Rinse tea and enjoy up to 4x daily.
Must steep with HOT boiling water!

Steep for 3-4 minutes with each use.

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