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The invigorating strength of peppermint, together with the immune-boosting effect of lemon, aid in this teas powerful ability to rehydrate, awaken and refresh your mind and body.


The morning after cleanser and detoxifying tea will aid in processing toxins out of the body and alleviate all the hard work your liver is to normally do by itself!

Benefits of this tea:

-rehydrates the body from a night of drinking
-restores alkaline in body to ease migraines/headaches from hangover
-high concentration of vitamin C
-removes toxins (inviter to infections and diseases)
-boosts immunity & cleanses blood

-eases mind by calming the nervous system
-calming effects help promote sleep when consumed before bed
-reduces stress/anxiety by balancing hormones
-rich in vitamins (a, e, c) & polyphenols
-skin revitalizer
-prevents chronic diseases
-reduces signs of aging
-helps relief urinary tract infections (UTI)
-anti-inflammatory for arthritis
-helps relief constipation, which results in the removal of toxic waste!

-natural headache reliever
-opens blood vessels in brain, releasing intense pain from stress or poor diet
-improves brain function (alert/awareness)
-stress reducer (great for studying)
-treats menstrual cramp (does not apply to male hormones)
-analgesic (natural pain relief)
-promotes fat burning
-strengthens immune system
-allieviates travel/motion sickness

-cooling effect in mind, brain & head which calms down the body
-reduces nervousness & hysteria
-rids headaches
-coughing relief
-natural pain reliever

-soothing aroma alleviates stress hormones
-reduce exhaustion in nervous system
-relief headache from stress & anxiety
-promotes a good rest
-improves mood
-reduces ingestion & irritability

Rinse tea and enjoy.
Must steep with HOT boiling water!

Steep for 3-4 minutes with each use.

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