Stress free

Stress free

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     This blend of calming flowers is designed to ease anxiety and promote relaxation. Filled with anti-oxidants, this tea targets the side effects related to daily stress.

Benefits of the tea:

-eases mind by calming the nervous system
-calming effects help promote sleep when consumed before bed
-reduces stress/anxiety by balancing hormones
-rich in vitamins (a, e, c) & polyphenols
-cooling effect in mind, brain & head which calms down the body
-reduces nervousness & hysteria
-rids headaches
-natural pain reliever
Pui Tee (Lime Flowers)
-anxiety reliever
-effective natural antidepressant
-relieves nervous system (nervousness/anxiousness)
-elimination of stress and spasms (chronic fatigue)
-calming down hyperactivity
-soothing aroma alleviates stress hormones-reduce exhaustion in nervous system
-relief headache from stress & anxiety
-improves mood
-soothing tea for the digestive tract which stresses the system out irritate
-natural sedative to sooth anxiousness
-natural tension & anxiety reliever
-omits feelings of depression & sadness
-promotes energy
-great source of antioxidants that destroy free radicals (molecules in the body that cause disruption of a living cell


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