Belly Slimming

Belly Slimming

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Belly Slimming Tea 
Ingredients contain metabolic-boosting, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which help to positively influence digestion, resulting in a slimmer looking mid-section. 

-rich in vitamins (a, e, c) & polyphenols
-aids in weight loss, prevents chronic diseases
-helps relief constipation, which results in the removal of toxic waste! 
-helps with weight loss goals by reducing “munchies” craving in body
-boosts organ systems & metabolism
-increases fat burn in body   
-calms irritation in stomach
-reduces inflammation
-amazing hydrator  
-strong diuretic diet digestive
-rids bloating: removes toxins by relieving fluid retention 
-antioxidant properties: detoxifies body & cleanses from within 
-enhances oxidation of fatty acids in body (promoting use of stored energy) 
-prevents abdominal fat by maintaining healthy metabolism
-aids digestion (soothes stomach, “citral” helps digest food)  
Toi-Toi Flower (citrus aurantium) or bitter orange 
-increases metabolic rate
-breaks down fat: lipolysis 
-decreases appetite

consume 1 bag per day
1 bag = 4 cups
1 cup = 256mL
Steep for 3-4 minutes each time

1st cup right before lunch
2nd cup immediately after dinner

3rd cup right before lunch
4th cup immediately after dinner


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